How can you create a breathtaking pond?


1. Use a Variety of Stones!

Large Boulders along with medium and small river rounds protect liner and create an incredibly natural looking pond and waterfall! Do not forget to use Lg mixed gravel to fill in any gaps or voids between larger stones. A small layer of gravel in the pond adds to the natural look as well.

2. Showing Liner is a NO-NO!

The quickest way to ruin the beauty of an artificial pond is by having ugly black liner showing! It’s unprofessional and tacky. Always cover all liner with stones, or gravel. Mulch or some other aggregate such as lava rock make a fine cover as well.

3. Never Make a Straight Stream!

Streams add to the visual and audio effect of a water feature. They can be a treat for the eye or they can look unnatural and out-of-place. Streams found in nature are winding or curved but never straight. Also, keep in mind that most streams end when they hit a large boulder. Be sure to mimic this when creating a stream of your own.

4. Lighting!

A pond or water feature is something you should be able to enjoy at night as well as during the day! Underwater lighting gives your feature an enchanting look. Light with color lenses can also be purchased to enhance the brilliance. When installing lights always have at least 1 light facing your waterfall. This brings out the fall and creates a center piece in your pond. Remember to try and position the lights in a way where the wires are well hidden.

5. Don’t Forget the Plants!

An awful mistake when creating a water-garden is leaving out surrounding landscape and Aquatic plants. Doing so creates a dull, fake looking feature, lacking color and character. There are typically five types of Aquatic plants: water lilies, oxygenators, floaters, partly emerged, marginals, and bog plants. For the most natural look, try using a little of each type.

6. Wildlife!

Fish, frogs, snails, and turtles add to the magic and placidness of a pond. All ponds have the potential to become a natural ecosystem-if allowed to include some kind of wildlife. There is no need to purchase snails, or frogs-they will find you! Fish and turtles are a great way to finish off a dazzling vista and even become beloved pets.

Use these six tips to help you create your very own personal paradise! For more questions visit us at

Happy gardening!

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