What DON’T you do whan building a pond?

1. Starting Off Blind!

Building a pond can be a great learning experience and a lot of fun. However, do not start constructing one until you have fully researched the steps and constructing advice from other, experienced professionals. There are easy to comprehend books and videos that can help you create your very own beautiful water garden!

2. Under sizing a Pond!

Did you know that the average pond owner will build three ponds? The reason is because most people always a bigger and better pond then the first one. Unless you want to plan, and construct three ponds there is a way to avoid this. Simply build a big, spectacular pond the first time!

3. Liner NO-No’s!

The biggest mistake pond owners (or future pond owners) make have to do with pond liner. They either purchase a pond liner too small, barely big enough, or end up cutting the excess off before actually starting up their pond and checking for leaks. Avoid this at all cost!! It is better to spend a little extra time in doing things correctly than constructing a leaky, tacky pond.

4. Deadly Rocks!

When constructing a pond, boulders are a major part of the naturalness and design, but there is one type of rock you want to avoid using: Lime stone (lime rock.) Lime rock is native to the beaches of Florida and its white color and coral look is an appealing prospect when deciding what rock to use. However, this rock can greatly raise the pH in fresh water causing chemical imbalance and potential death to your fish.

5. Noxious Gases!

When adding gravel to your pond it’s crucial that you do not put a layer any thicker than 1″. Noxious gases can build up in gravel thicker than that and can be fatal to aquatic life.

6. Small Filters!

Be sure your pond filter is large enough to adequately support the fish load in your pond. Under sizing a pond filter will lead to more maintenance, a build up in debris, and potential Ammonia and/or Nitrite spikes, (see article “Biological Filtration.”)

7. Unnatural!

Have you ever seen a pond with excess liner, exposed PVC and little or no rocks or Aquatic life? What crossed your mine when you saw this? No doubt the only thing that came to mind was how ugly and unnatural this pond looked. A pond is meant to be a resemblance of nature-beautiful and perfectly designed. Unless you desire the no-no’s I pointed out above, try to avoid them by all means.

Save your pond! Use these Pond-Don’ts and you can build a beautiful outdoor escape worthy of a life time of bragging rights.

For more information go to: www.coolponds.com

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