Water garden supplies to make a pond beautiful

The right water garden supplies come together to make a beautiful water garden. A water garden can be many different things for different people, including a shallow pond, fountains, waterfalls, decorative rocks, lights and plants. It can be built into the landscape, in a patio container or even indoors. One thing all water gardens have in common is moving water. Building a water garden can be simple or complex, but even the simplest designs require a few supplies.

Water gardens need something to hold the water. This can be in any container that is watertight or lined with plastic to become watertight. It can also be a garden pond, lined with a flexible or rigid pond liner. Some water gardens do not have an apparent water basin, instead visible water moves through a fountain or waterfall then disappears to a hidden basin below where it a pump moves it back up to the top. This type of water feature is called a disappearing waterfall.

All water gardens need a pump to move water through the display. Even water gardens simply consisting of shallow ponds decorated with stones or aquatic plants must have a pump to circulate water to oxygenate it and prevent stagnation. For this application, a small pump that will circulate the volume of water in about an hour is sufficient. The size of pump necessary for water gardens with fountains or waterfalls depends on the amount of water it must move and the distance it must move it.

Pond Filters are another necessary part of many water gardens. Any water exposed to the air is subject to accumulating debris. If left alone, debris will decompose and eventually turn the water murky and toxic to plants and animals. If the water garden is home to fish such as koi, it is even more important to have a filter to clean the water of fish waste and uneaten koi food, to maintain a healthy environment. Mechanical filter pads remove debris and suspended particles from the water. Biologic filters consist of living organisms such as microbes within a filter media that digest and remove dissolved pollutants from fish waste and decomposing organic material. Chemical filters such as carbon and zeolite purify the water chemically.

Water gardens introduce the sound and sight of water to a backyard or any location. They can add texture, depth and appeal to the landscape with not only water but also lush greenery, decorative rocks and nighttime lighting. The water garden supplies needed — a liner, pond pump and filter — are affordable and readily available at any pond or garden supply store.

Article from: http://blog.aquaticponds.com/water-garden-supplies/water-garden-supplies-beautiful-pond.htm


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